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Register to join the thousands of people who are already part of the community is a marketplace specifically designed for the correctional industry where vendors can get up to date easy to understand overviews of correctional bid opportunities in the specific sector they need without having to search through and read through pages of RFP’s. Vendors can also profile their products and services to potential buyers and buy or sell surplus correctional items.
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Correctional spending is a multibillion dollar industry. Governments award contracts to vendors for correctional products ranging from inmate hygiene items to sophisticated jail construction projects such as fire, alarm and security systems. not only will deliver to you all correctional related bids broken down by the specific correctional category you are looking for but will provide it to you in an executive summary saving you valuable time reading through pages of a RFP to see if it is favorable to the products you sell. also has a vendor directory which is a place where sellers of correctional related products can profile their company for potential buyers who may want to contact them directly to purchase jail related products. not all jail related purchases require a bid and jail and prison administrators can purchase some items direct so this is a place for them to find you. also has an area where jails and prisons can list surplus items they may have perhaps from jail or prison closings, census drops or the purchase of new equpment and other jail administrators looking to purchase those surplus items can find them here. This essence puts sellers of used correctional products in touch with those seeking to purchase or upgrade equipment in a correctional marketplace creating cash flow for the jail or prison looking to liquidate the items and a cost savings for the jail or prison looking for newer equipment.

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