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Privacy Policy
What information does Jailbidscontractbid receive and how do we use it?
When you register for Jailbidscontractbid, we ask you for your name, contact information, business preferences, and credit card information. This information lets us provide you personalized services and communicate separately with you. We also use aggregated information about the use of our services to evaluate our users' preferences and improve our programming. Like most websites, we use small bits of data called cookies stored on users' computers to simulate a continuous connection. Cookies let us "remember" information about your preferences and allow you to move within our Service without reintroducing yourself. Recent versions of Jailbidscontractbid's browsers let you easily see and control cookies.


May I choose what information I disclose?
There is certain information we need to register you as a unique user and let you access personalized services such as Jailbidscontractbid Daily Email Report. Other requested information is optional and may be given at your discretion.


May I choose what communications I receive?
When you register, you will be given the option of either receiving or not receiving the Jailbidscontractbid Daily Email Report. Also, occasionally, Jailbidscontractbid sends out an email to Jailbidscontractbid members to inform them of changes or to introduce new features. You can choose not to receive communications from us or from other parties, either when you register or by noting your preference in response to communications from us.


What if I need to review or change the personal information I previously disclosed?
We encourage Jailbidscontractbid members to update and edit their personal information and keep it current. You can easily correct or update your personal information at any time by visiting your account management section and make necessary changes.


What kind of security is used to protect my information?
We store all user information in secure databases protected via a variety of access controls. Access to this data is limited to a minimum number of employees and this data is accessed only for the purposes specified in this privacy statement.


Who has access to my information?
We do not share personally identifiable data with other companies (apart from those acting as our agents in providing our Service to you, who agree to use it only for that purpose), except when it is necessary to fulfill a transaction you have requested or you otherwise give us permission to do so. Jailbidscontractbid may also share such information in response to legal process, such as a court order or subpoena.


What about other companies featured on Jailbidscontractbid?
You may separately agree to provide your information to other companies who provide content for various parts of our Service, in order to use their services or receive offers from them. If you agree to provide information to these companies, that information will be subject to their privacy policies.


Who should I contact if I have any questions regarding my privacy?
Please contact our customer support team directly with any questions or comments.

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